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What are the characteristics of metal roofing sandwich panels?

2023 / 12 / 22

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of light steel buildings in industrial buildings has led to the development of multi-functional new composite panels, especially in recent years, the development of metal roof sandwich panels has been more rapid. The selection of metal sandwich board in the building roof, set load-bearing, waterproof, heat preservation in one, with light weight, high strength, good heat insulation and other characteristics, can greatly improve the building function and improve the indoor environment. As the industry's leading supplier of metal cladding systems, Wiskind Architectural Steel has a wide range of high-quality metal roofing sandwich panel products, which are widely praised by customers.

What are the characteristics of metal roofing sandwich panels?(图1)

Metal roof sandwich panels have the following characteristics:


1. Excellent thermal insulation performance: The sandwich material has a good thermal insulation effect, effectively reducing the conduction of hot and cold energy, and improving the energy utilization efficiency of the building.


2. Good sound insulation performance: The sandwich material can effectively reduce the indoor and outdoor noise transmission by absorbing and isolating noise, and play the role of sound insulation.


3. Good wind pressure and seismic performance: metal roof sandwich board has good wind pressure and seismic performance, can withstand the test of natural disasters, to ensure the safety and stability of the structure of the building.


4. Light structure: The combination of metal panel and rockwool layer makes the metal roof sandwich panel have a light weight, which can reduce the load of the building itself.


5. Convenient construction: Metal roof sandwich panel can be cut, spliced and installed according to needs, convenient and fast.


Wiskind Architectural Steel Metal sandwich panel roofing systems include BiLOK® roofing sandwich panels and BiLAP® roofing sandwich panels:


BiLOK® Metal roofing sandwich panels are 360° lockstitch roofing sandwich panels manufactured on a continuous production line, providing efficient water resistance, air tightness and increased wind resistance.

What are the characteristics of metal roofing sandwich panels?(图2)

BiLAP® Metal roofing sandwich panels are bonded roofing sandwich panels with high strength, good insulation, fast installation, Class 1 water resistance, and PV-ROOF INTEGRATED SOLUTION for different needs.

What are the characteristics of metal roofing sandwich panels?(图3)

Wiskind Architectural Steel metal roof sandwich panel is functional and beautiful, excellent visual effect after installation, simple but not simple. In the future, wiskind will adhere to the commitment of "all for the comfort, confidence and glory of customers", continue to explore new materials, new technologies, and develop more high-quality metal roofing products to empower China's manufacturing industry.

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