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What are the categories of metal roofing products

2023 / 12 / 28

China began to use metal roofing in the late 1970s, after more than 30 years of development, metal roofing has been widely used in industrial buildings, public buildings. Wiskind metal roofing products are rich in variety and complete in specifications. Roofing sheet materials include: coated steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, stainless steel plate and sandwich composite plate, etc., which is an ideal green building material.

Metal roof has the advantages of durability, environmental protection, beauty, convenient installation and so on. Different types of metal roofing have different characteristics, the following introduces several common types of metal roofing and their characteristics.


1. Color coated steel sheet metal roof

Color coated steel sheet metal roofing has excellent weather resistance. Through special surface treatment and color coating technology, color coated steel sheet metal roof can resist UV, acid rain, pollutants and other external environment erosion, maintain long-term bright color and beautiful appearance, not easy to fade and deformation, extend the service life of the roof.


2. Aluminum zinc plated metal roof

Aluminized zinc metal roofing has high corrosion resistance and weather resistance, which is suitable for buildings exposed to harsh environments for a long time. Its excellent corrosion resistance can ensure the long-term stability of metal roofing, and does not require frequent maintenance, greatly reducing maintenance costs.


Wiskind's prefabricated high-performance metal roofing system, the SR6® Upright Lock Joint roofing System, uses aluminum-plated zinc materials to make installation as precise and fast as building blocks, providing more than 360 degrees of comprehensive and long-lasting protection, strong wind resistance, and excellent water resistance.

What are the categories of metal roofing products(图1)

3. Stainless steel metal roof

Stainless steel metal roofing has higher strength and durability, which is suitable for high-grade buildings and buildings with special environmental requirements. Stainless steel roofing is not easy to rust, the surface is smooth, beautiful, and has a long service life, is a high-end metal roofing material.


Wiskind metal roofing system has the characteristics of light weight, stable structure, waterproof, wind insulation, sound absorption performance, appearance adaptability, etc., and is widely used in industrial buildings, public venues, transportation and commercial buildings. In the future, wiskind will continue to explore new materials and new technologies to empower China's manufacturing industry with green and energy-saving new materials!

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