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What is a green factory?

2024 / 01 / 08

Green factory, generally speaking, refers to the use of environmental protection, energy saving, low-carbon production technology and management methods, committed to reducing environmental pollution and resource consumption of the factory. Shandong Wiskind Architectural Steel Co., Ltd. won the title of "Green Factory" in 2021.


The national standard of "General Rules for the Evaluation of Green Factories" shows that green factories are factories that have realized land intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste resource utilization, and low energy carbonization. Its selection criteria are extremely strict, and enterprises need to pass the review of more than 80 indicators in the above five categories.


It is reported that in the process of development, provincial green factories can not only obtain green financial guarantees and credit support provided by the government, but also obtain corresponding financial incentives. For provincial green factories, the differentiated treatment policy will be implemented, that is, enterprises included in green factories can apply for heating production lines in the name of green factory enterprises during peak production, so as to carry out normal production.


Green manufacturing as a new round of revolution of traditional enterprises, wiskind architectural steel products to change the traditional model, green technology innovation, green management innovation as the premise, and in many aspects to achieve green manufacturing. The company has formulated the "Green Factory Medium and Long Term (2020-2025) Plan", which specifies the development goals, implementation plans and work directions. The overall goal is to significantly improve the overall level of cleaner production and green manufacturing in factories by 2025, and build a green factory demonstration base with green development as the core.




For more than 40 years, wiskind architectural steel has independently developed a large number of certified green building materials, and continues to empower the green development of the building industry with science and technology, implementing new development concepts such as innovation, green, digital intelligence into the research and development, manufacturing and application of metal enclosure products, and using the latest international technology and equipment to ensure product quality, further play its own advantages, and better serve customers.


As a good delivery, wiskind architectural steel will fulfill greater corporate social responsibility, abide by the mission of green factory, practice the concept of green ecological development, and continue to move forward toward becoming a respected and sustainable development enterprise, and promote the construction industry to further intelligent construction and green low-carbon transformation.

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