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What are the criteria for a green factory

2024 / 01 / 11

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, green factory has become an inevitable trend of industrial development. Green factory is a new manufacturing mode, which aims at environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, and is committed to realizing sustainable development. In this process, Wiskind Architectural Steel has empowered many customers with advanced equipment, imported production lines, high-quality supply chains, green and energy-saving new materials, and digital design to build industrial plants into green factories.


1. environmental protection materials

The first criterion for a green factory is the use of environmentally friendly materials. In this regard, Wiskind Architectural Steel chooses well-known brand color steel plates (such as Bluescue, Baosteel, Yehui, Wisco, Masteel, etc.) as raw materials in the production of rock wool sandwich panels, and its characteristics of high strength, high durability and recyclability make it the preferred material for many green buildings.


2. energy-saving design

Another important criterion for a green factory is energy efficient design. In this regard, Wiskind Architectural Steel products under the COLORPOD® Sandwich Panel, COLORGOLD® Sandwich Panel, COLORGEM® Sandwich Panel, Structural rock wool sandwich board, COLORCURTAIN® Sandwich Panel Wall, CASSETTE™ Broken Bridge Sandwich Panel Series, Brilliant Insulated Curtain Wall and sandwich board roofing system have passed the green building materials three-star certification, can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. In addition, its excellent thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance can reduce energy waste and further reduce carbon emissions.

What are the criteria for a green factory(图1)

3. Efficient production

The core of the green factory is efficient production. In this regard, wiskind architectural steel has a number of production bases in the country, the introduction of a number of production equipment with the world's advanced manufacturing technology level, for different application products, different production lines to provide customized solutions, to provide customers with high precision, high stability, super smooth, high quality, high efficiency, low loss, and more green energy saving new materials. To achieve efficient and low-cost production.


4. sustainability

Sustainability is one of the important hallmarks of a green factory. In this regard, wiskind architectural steel products with durable, stable, high-quality product characteristics, to achieve the "same cycle" with the construction. In addition, its sustainable production process and environmental characteristics make it an important force for sustainable development.

What are the criteria for a green factory(图2)

In short, the standard of green factory covers many aspects, and wiskind architectural steel products with high-quality products and perfect service system, to help enterprises build green factories. Wiskind architectural steel product materials can provide factories with safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, good appearance, durability, easy maintenance, adaptability and efficient construction efficiency and other benefits, contribute to the long-term development of green factories and enhance market competitiveness.

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