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What is the metal surface sandwich plate of non-penetrating broken bridge?

2024 / 01 / 12

In order to compensate for the thermal bridge effect of the thickness of insulation layer caused by compression during installation in the prior art; In the conventional external wall insulation metal plate products using the traditional fastening method of screw through the plate, the surface of the plate surface is uneven due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, the screw hole is enlarged and the screw is cut and damaged by the metal material panel, and the security risks are insufficient. Wiskind Architectural Steel has independently developed a non-penetrating metal surface sandwich plate system for broken Bridges, and has obtained a patent certificate.


The non-penetrating broken bridge metal face sandwich panel system comprises a socket subcavity profile, a temperature retaining core material, a socket female cavity profile and an F-type fastening fastener, comprising the following characteristics:


What is the metal surface sandwich plate of non-penetrating broken bridge?(图1)


1. Strong insulation

Wiskind architectural steel non-penetrating bridge metal surface sandwich panel system non-penetrating cold bridge, keeping the insulation intact. Its non-penetrating installation form ensures the integrity of the insulation layer, and the closed multi-chamber thermal insulation structure cuts off the heat transfer path, locks in the air and temperature, and the insulation performance is stronger.


2. Hardcore waterproof

The non-penetrating fixing method of Wiskind architectural steel non-penetrating broken bridge metal surface sandwich panel system solves the problem of water leakage caused by the repeated extrusion deformation of screw rod and metal material panel, which makes the watertight and airtight performance better.


3. Not afraid of the wind

The Wiskind architectural steel non-penetrating broken bridge metal surface sandwich system consists of F-fastener and Vitarine ® screws to withstand stronger wind loads than the common penetration fixed sandwich plate, so that the building is not vulnerable to wind attacks.


Wiskind Architectural Steel This non-penetrating broken bridge metal-faced sandwich panel system is used in the Cassette ™ sandwich panel series, which offers a full range of decoration, insulation and waterproof solutions. The three base plate types are suitable for different scenarios. The ultra-flat visual effect, the delicate texture and exquisite appearance of the decorative material level all reflect the superb technical level and extraordinary quality of this product. Cassette ™ sandwich panel products are fully prefabricated and assembled in the factory, and the application is flexible, suitable for all types of large public buildings and high-end industrial buildings.


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