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What is the definition of FM certification?

2024 / 01 / 22

In building materials products, we often see the label "FM certification". As a leading manufacturer of metal enclosure products in the industry, Wiskind Architectural Steel has always been committed to the development, manufacturing and application of building metal enclosure products, and a number of its wall and roof products have obtained FM certification. So what exactly is FM certification? This article is your answer.

Factory Mutual Global is one of the largest industrial and commercial insurance companies in the world, providing testing and certification services to industrial and commercial products worldwide through its FM Approvals agency.



FM certification service project


1. Product certification

FM issues certificates to manufacturers of fire protection equipment, electronic and electrical equipment, hazardous site facilities, fire site survey, signal equipment, building materials and other products;


2. Standard testing

FM provides manufacturers with standard testing services for single characteristics of products;


3. ISO 9000 registration

FM is an ISO 9000 registration body and can conduct ISO 9000 system audits for enterprises.



FM certified product category


1. Electronic and electrical equipment

2. Fire site survey, signals and other electronic equipment

3. Fire protection equipment

4. Evaluation and certification of safety functions

5. Electronic devices in dangerous locations

6. Raw Materials

7. Building materials for roof


FM certification is widely recognized worldwide, it shows consumers that the product or service has passed the United States and international high standards of testing, "FM certification" mark in the minds of consumers is also a symbol of the highest quality standards. For more than 40 years, wiskind architectural steel products has been deeply engaged in the field of metal enclosure, leading the development of the industry with scientific and technological innovation. In addition to a number of wall products obtained FM certification, SR6® vertical lock joint roofing system has also obtained FM certification, strong wind resistance, excellent waterproof performance, providing more than 360 degrees of comprehensive durable protection for the project, welcome to consult.


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